Underground Tank Gauging System (UTGS) for Retail Outlets / Forecourts
  The UTGS is a complete stand-alone solution for non-pressurized underground storage tanks in Retail Outlets / Forecourts. It uses Magnetostrictive type level probes, 134 TM for level sensing. Temperature Sensors are (optional) built into probes. PetroQuant 134-PQT - Remote Monitor / Indicator the common interface unit connects up to 8 probes, collects & stores level and temperature data from all sensors. Tank strapping and ASTM volume and Density reduction tables are stored in PetroQuant. Various Reports like Shift Inventory Report, Business Inventory Report (BIR), present and previous records of receipts, Daily Average Usage, Balance Inventory Warning, Level, Temperature, Gross Volume, etc. are available through the Display or in hard copy on external printer connected to Remote Monitor 134-PQT.
In-house Calibration facility for Flow Meters
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