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  Ultrasonic Level Transmitters, ULTRAMATE 136 ULT
SBEM Ultrasonic Level transmitter is used for level, volume and flow monitoring of liquids in storage vessels, simple process vessels, as well as in open channels. It is ideal for level monitoring in the water and waste water industry and chemical storage vessels, and can measure levels up to 15 metres. The transducer is available in PP or PVDF to suit varying chemical and temperature conditions. LCD display visible in bright sunlight.

Level measurement technology based on the ultrasonic principle is especially suited for application where, for any reason, no physical contact can be established with the material where level to be measured.
Optional Remote Indicator (96X96) suitable for panel mounting may be added with 2 set points for control purpose. (24 VDC Supply can be made available through remote indicator)
24 VDC Power Supply to be arranged by purchaser, if Remote Indicator is not ordered.
Features :
Narrow Beam Technology
Both, Two Wire and Four Wire versions available.
Output 4 to 20 mA (Std.)/ 4 to 20 mA, HART (Optional)
Microprocessor based instrument.
Level to Flow, Volume or % Volume conversion using a lingerie with up to 64 points
Rugged Construction – weatherproof
Integral 4 digit LCD display
Self-diagnostic functions i.e., error messages on display provided to ease setting up.
Unaffected by product properties
Process Temperature: - 10° C to 60° C
Easy Installation
No site calibration required.
Programming through removable key block
Automatic Temperature compensation
Process temperature indication


Open channel Flow measurement
Level / Volume measurement for various shapes of tanks for entering the strap table for volume against level.

Data sheet:
  Ultrasonic Level Transmitter for Liquids, Ultra mate 136 ULT   Download now
In-house Calibration facility for Flow Meters
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