Transmitters & Indicators
  Two-Wire Transmitter with Limit Switch Assembly 133-TS
An accessory to Automatic Tank Level Gauge (ATLG) for transmission of level signal on a two-wire with / without built-in adjustable limit switch contact outputs to Remote Indicator, Alarm Annunciator, PLC, DCS, etc. A precision multi-turn potentiometer is connected through gear train to the main shaft and the output is connected to a hermetically sealed analogue transmitter with zero & span adjustments. The gear train also drives a set of cams to operate a set of 2 or 4 limit switches. The 4-20 mA output or Limit Switch operation levels are adjustable without physically varying the level in the tank.
Features :
Accuracy of 4-20 mA output: ± 0.75% for range < 6m ± 0.5% for range > 6m
Limit switch repeatability ± 20mm
Easy Calibration / Switch setting
Weatherproof & Flameproof enclosure
Intrinsically safe transmitter, when used with suitable barrier
CMRI, PESO certified for use in hazardous area applications

Tank gauging of bulk storage tanks in Refineries, Marketing Terminals, Petrochemical, Chemical complexes
Raw, Fire, DM water storage tanks / sumps / reservoirs.
Fuel Oil storage tanks in power plants
Crude, Refined oil storage tanks in Edible oil plants

Data sheet:
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