Servo Gauge (SG) 139M (SIL 2 Certified)

A micro-controller based multi-function instrument for precision level measurement of liquids stored in Cone Roof, Floating Roof tanks, pressurized Spheres, Mounded Vessels, Bullets and Cryogenic storage tanks. Measures Level, Interface Level, Temperature & Density. Hybrid Servo Gauge uses a pressure transmitter for real time density for mass based inventory. LPG Servo Gauge uses a HART pressure transmitter for inventory of liquid as well as va pour phase of pressurized liquid storage.

Calibration Chamber (CC)
Tank Side Indicator-Controller (TSIC)
Portable Programming Unit (PPU)
Features :
Multi-function, high accuracy measurements in one instrument
Level: ±0.6mm, Interface Level: ±2mm, Temperature: ±0.2 °C & Density: ±0.005 gm/cc
Pressurized LPG Inventory with "LPG Servo Gauge"
Mass based inventory with "Hybrid Servo Gauge"
Accessories for local / remote indication / control / programming

Tank gauging of bulk storage tanks in Refineries, Marketing Terminals, Petrochemical & Chemical complexes
Raw, Fire, DM water storage tanks/sumps/reservoirs
Fuel Oil storage tanks in power plants
Crude, Refined oil storage tanks in Edible oil plants
LPG, Ammonia, Butadiene & other pressurized storage's
Cryogenic storage tanks
Data sheet:
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In-house Calibration facility for Flow Meters
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