Rotating Paddle Type Level Switch 135
Rotating Paddle type Level Switch for level detection of free flowing powders / granules / solids in the hoppers, bins and silos. Available with different extensions and paddle variations. Variety of adjustable / fixed shaft extensions and materials of construction. Dust seal assembly to prevent ingress of fine powder and high temperature stand off available.
Features :
Modular construction: Switch with gearbox, Flange, Extension shaft and Paddle.
Field proven technology for low-cost solution.
PTFE lip seal to prevent entry of fine particles into gearbox.
SS flexible coupling to prevent mechanical shocks to gearbox.
Fixed, Adjustable shaft extensions.
Single, Two, Four Vane & non-standard paddles depending on material bulk density.


Solid / Granules / Powder level detection in hoppers, silos in
Cement plants
Ash Handling plants
Iron & Steel plants
PVC / PP plants
Food grains
Coal handling plants
Sugar industry

Data sheet:
  Paddle Type Level Switch for Free Flowing Solids, Powder, Granules & Food Grain, Series LC135   Download now
In-house Calibration facility for Flow Meters
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