RF Admittance type level switch for Fly Ash, Series 114 RFS
“Coat-Safe” probes to overcome effect of material build-up
No moving parts
Specially designed electrodes to suit applications.
Low cost solution.
Weatherproof Integral/Remote option available.
Probe failure indication/optional Relay available
Reliable Micro-processor based instruments
Transducer mould ed in epoxy for shock and corrosion resistance
Sturdy electrode to withstand impact
Alumina insulated electrode capable of withstanding 3000C with High Temperature Stand Off (HTSO)
Built in adjustable time delay
Power – Coal handling plants
Power – Ash handling plants
Food grains foundry
Iron, Steel & Metals
Plastic Industry – PVC/PP chips

Detection of levels of free flowing solids, powders, etc
Detection of chute blockage in feeding hoppers
Coal bunkers,
Cement silos
RF Admittance Type Level Switch for Fly Ash   Download now
In-house Calibration facility for Flow Meters
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