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  Pulse Radar 138C/K
An extremely narrow microwave pulse is emitted by the antenna of radar level instrument which travels at the speed of light. A part of its energy is reflected by the surface of measured medium & is received by the antenna. The time taken by emitted pulse to travel from antenna & the reflected pulse back to the antenna is proportional to the distance between the reference point of antenna and the measured medium . As the electromagnetic wave is transmitted at an extremely high speed, the time lapse is very small and is in nanoseconds. It is very difficult to indentify such small time lapse. 138 series of Pulse Radar has adopted a special demodulation technology which enables to detect the time taken between pulse emission and reception correctly. This results in accurate level measurement.

Features :
Measuring range up to 70m
Variety of frequencies, 6 GHz and 26 GHz available
Variety of antennas: Rod, Horn, Parabolic,Flush etc. to suit all applications
Smallest beam angle of 4°
Operates even under severe dust conditions
Aiming device helps focusing the beam for solid applications
Air purge connection available
Echo filtering facility to eliminate false echo
Suitable for temperatures up to 200 °C and pressure up to 40 kg/cm2
Highly accurate
Dual Chamber construction separates electronics from gland terminals
Easy installation and user friendly configuration


Coal ,Cement, Fly Ash ,Clinker, Gypsum , Storage tanks / Process vessels in dusty media, with or without aiming device.
Storage Vessels
Power and Energy
Iron, Steel & Metals
Material Handling

Data sheet:
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In-house Calibration facility for Flow Meters
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