Mini LIMS - Liquid Inventory Management System for LPG Plants
  GasQuant- Liquid Inventory Management system is complete stand-alone system for LPG storage. The system uses Digital Level Probes (DLP's) Magnetostrictive 134-TM with Indicator 134-H or Advanced Capacitance 134-L type. The probes measure the LPG liquid level to a high accuracy. Temperature sensors are built into DLP's . The probes transmit Level and Temperature data to Remote Indicator Unit 134-GQ. This unit has the tank strapping and ASTM and density reduction tables stored in it. The Liquid Inventory Management software gives the total stock with liquid equivalent of the vapour space. The system is ideally suited for LPG storage installations and LPG bottling plant.

Gives total stock - Liquid as well Liquid equivalent of Vapour
Local, Pump house & Remote Displays
Display of Level, Volume in KL, % Volume & Alarm status
Built-in Audio-visual alarm
Stand-alone system with dedicated hardware and embedded software
Instantaneous, on-line, hard copy inventory reports
Suitable for new as well as existing installations
All items from Single Source
All safety requirements complied
LPG pressurized storage tanks in LPG Storage facility, Bottling plants, Auto LPG Dispensing Stations
Small capacity LPG tanks in industries using LPG as fuel e.g. Bakery, Automobile, Steel, Other process industries
In-house Calibration facility for Flow Meters
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