Magnetic Float Switch-Side mounted
The level switch using a float magnetically coupled to a micro switch. These Switches are side mounted in weatherproof or flameproof housings with electric ON - OFF versions. Bellows assembly for use in liquids with suspended particles. Various mounting flanges and float extensions - horizontal, vertical, 'Z' type, adjustable differential etc. are available

For corrosive applications SBEM offers a special construction in side mounted float switches, Model 137 C, in which wetted parts are in Polypropylene and switch enclosure is in aluminum. The basic principle of operation remains the same as in our standard magnetic float switch of series 137.

External Chamber for Magnetic Float Switch - Series 137 - CH

Tri-Modular construction - Switch, Flange & Float module
Standard Square & other flanges.
Variety of Float modules for extended nozzles lengths, increased differential, adjustable differential, offset, etc.
"CE" marked weatherproof switch.
Supplied with counter-flange if required.
Bellows assembly for pivot protection from suspended solids / metal particles.
Overfill / drain detection of bulk storage tanks in Refineries, Marketing Terminals, Petrochemical, Chemical complexes
Fuel Oil storage tanks in power plants
Crude, Refined oil storage tanks in Edible oil plants
Small process vessels
Storage tanks for Lube Oils, Fuels, Condensate, Alkaline solution, etc.
Magnetic Float Switch, Series 137 - EA/EY   Download now
Magnetic Float Switch for Corrosive Applications, Series 137 C   Download now
External Chamber for Magnetic Float Switch - Series 137 - CH   Download now
In-house Calibration facility for Flow Meters
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