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  Loss of Head Indicators / Transmitter 104 LOH
Measures Loss of Head (level difference) in the gravity filter beds of Water Filtration plants or Traveling water screens in raw water treatment plants. Loss of head is measured by monitoring the Level in High Pressure and low pressure side of the gravity filter / Traveling water screen and showing the difference in these two levels.
This is most reliable and field proven Capacitance technology based instrument. The Loss of Head Indicator & Transmitter Series 104 (LOH) indicator is rack mounted. The unit can be housed in control panel for field mounting.
Features :
Low cost solution.
No calibration at site except for Zero & span setting.
Arrangement for re calibration if required.
Alarm on Loss Of Head using Optional Indicator (96X96).
Quick and easy installation.
Self diagnostic function:
*Error messages on display
*6 Digit LCD, easy to read, with adjustable
*Decimal point to give direct loss of head in mm/cm.
*The overall system accuracy is better than ±2% of the Electrode Length.
All entries are protected through Password in Maintenance Free
All accessories supplied.


Gravity Filter Beds in Water Treatment plants of
Power plants
Municipal water works
Petrochemical plants
Chemical plants
Traveling Water Screens in Raw Water, Sewage treatment plants

Data sheet:
  Loss Of Head Indicator & Transmitter, Series 104 LOH   Download now
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