Location/ Application
SBEM Solution
1 Steam Turbine (MOT, CFT, Dirty Oil Level

2 Turbo Generator (LLD)

3 Heat Exchanger

4 Fuel Oil Handling

5 Pretreatment Plant

6 DM Plant / CPU

7 Effluent Treatment
Plant (ETP)

8 Cooling Tower (Gear Box Oil & Sump Level Measurement)

9 Coal Handling Plant (CHP) (Silo & Hopper Level Measurement)

10 Ash Handling Plant (Silo, Hopper & Sump Level Measurement)

11 Fire Protection Plant

12 Miscellaneous
Level Transmitter & Indicator Non contact Radar 138 K/C
Level Transmitter & Indicator Guided Wave Radar 132 GWR
Level Transmitter & Indicator Ultrasonic 136 ULT
Level Transmitter & Indicator Capacitance 103 CLT
Open Channel Flow Indicator Transmitter Capacitance 104 ROF
Loss of Head Indicator Transmitter Capacitance 104 LOH
Level Indicator - Transmitter Float based 133
Level Switch Capacitance 114 MLS
Level Switch Conductivity 130 IC/ RC
Level Switch Rotary Paddle 135 LC
Level switch with External Chamber Magnetic Float 137+CH
Level Switch Displacer 137D/ P
Level Indicator Float & Board 131
Flow Meter Electro Magnetic 151 MFM
In-house Calibration facility for Flow Meters
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