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  Hydrostatic Pressure Transmitter 103 HPT
A new submersible transmitter series, designated 103 HPT, promises low-cost level measurement for ranges from 2.5 m to 20 m of Water column. Hydrostatic transmitters use the weight of the liquid to calculate level - a hydrostatic head pressure is generated proportionally to the height of liquid and this determines the level.

Features :
Submersible Transmitter - Two Wire
4 –20 mA output proportional to level
Highly accurate and long-term stable sensor element.
Compensated for Temperature and air pressure.
Stainless steel housing < 22mm diameter can be used even in 1” Bore pipes.
Compact and easy to install.
No site calibration required.
Maintenance free.
Measuring Level of water in reservoirs, clarification plants and other atmospheric vessels
Due to its small physical diameter, it is easy to install and is ideally suited for protecting submersible pumps.

Standard :
Cast Aluminum Weatherproof Flameproof Junction box with 1 double compression brass Cable gland.
GI Cable Termination Plate
Optional Remote Indicator (96X96) suitable for panel mounting may be added with 2 set points for control purpose. (24 VDC Supply can be made available through remote indicator)
24 VDC Power Supply to be arranged by purchaser, if Remote Indicator is not ordered.

Data sheet:
  Hydrostatic Pressure Transmitter, Series 103 HPT   Download now
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