Hybrid Servo Gauge based Tank Inventory Management System

A volume & mass based system - Best of Both Worlds - with Level, Interface Level, Average Temperature and real time Density measurements. An accurate & cost effective solution. The System Uses

Hybrid Servo Gauge
Tank Side Indicator
Averaging Temperature Sensor
Pressure Transmitter
Communication Interface Unit
SB Tank Inventory management Software
Features :
Most accurate VOLUME as well as MASS based tank inventory with all required measurements by the system
Accuracies- Level: ±1mm, Interface Level: ±2mm, Temperature: ±0.2 °C & Density: ±0.002 gm/cc
Provides complete Volume & Mass inventory with conversions & corrections as per ASTM tables
Suitable for new as well as in-service tanks
Supplied, installed & commissioned on turnkey basis, complete with all cabling & other accessories
Bulk storage tanks in Refineries, Marketing Terminals, Petrochemical, Chemical complexes
Crude, Refined oil storage tanks in Edible oil plants
LPG, Ammonia, Butadiene & other pressurized storage's
Cryogenic storage tanks
In-house Calibration facility for Flow Meters
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