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Products: Level Switches / Controllers   Catalogue
 Capacitance Type Level Switch for Solids, Series 114 MLS     Download
 Capacitance Type Level Switch for Liquids, Series 114 MLS     Download
 RF Admittance Type Level Switch for Fly Ash, Series 114 RFS     Download
 Conductivity Type Level Switch, Series 130 IC     Download
 Conductivity Type Level Switch, Series 130 RC     Download
 Paddle Type Level Switch for Free Flowing Solids, Powder, Granules     Download
 Magnetic Float Switch, Series 137 - EA/EY     Download
 Side Mounted Magnetic Float Type Pneumatic Controller, Series 137 PNP     Download
 Magnetic Float Switch for Corrosive Applications, Series 137 C     Download
 External Chamber for Magnetic Float Switch - Series 137 - CH     Download
 Displacer Type Level Switch, Series 137D Single / Two Point     Download
 Displacer Type Level Switch, Series 137D Three Point     Download
 Displacer Type Level Switch Flameproof Series 137 P Single / Two Point     Download
 Weatherproof Displacer Type Level Switch with Wetted Parts in PP, Series 137 Y     Download
 Weatherproof Displacer Type Level Switch IBR certified, Series 137 D     Download
 High Level Switch for LPG Spheres & Bullets, Series 137 L     Download
 Still Wells, Series 137 STL     Download
 External Chamber for Displacer Type Level Switch - Series 137 - EC     Download
 LPG High Alarm Unit, Series 134 S      Download
Level Indicators / Transmitters / Controllers   Catalogue
 Open Scale Target Reading Type Level Indicator, Series 131 T     Download
 Capacitance Type Level Indicator / Transmitter for Non-conductive Liquids, 103 CLT     Download
 Capacitance Type Level Indicator / Transmitter for Conductive Liquids, 103 CLT     Download
 Hydrostatic Pressure Transmitter, Series 103 HPT     Download
 Rate of Flow Indicator & Transmitter, Series 104 ROF     Download
 Loss Of Head Indicator & Transmitter, Series 104 LOH     Download
 Ultrasonic Level Transmitter for Liquids, Ultramate 136 ULT     Download
 Ultrasonic Level Transmitter for Liquids (with echo mapping), 136 ULX     Download
 Battery Operated Ultrasonic Level Transmitter for Liquid, 136 ULX     Download  
 Pulse Radar, Series138     Download
 Digital Process Indicator, Series176     Download
 Field mounted Tank Level Indicator, Series103HTL     Download
Open Channel Flow Metering   Catalogue
 Ultrosonic based open channel flow meters, Series 136 ULT     Download
 Ultrosonic based open channel flow meters (with echo mapping), Series 136 ULX     Download
 Rate Of flow Indicator & Transmitter, Series 104 ROF     Download
 Flow Indicator Totaliser, Series 191     Download
Pipe Flow Metering   Catalogue
 Electromagnetic Flow Meter, Series 151 MFM     Download
 Battery Operated Electromagnetic Flow Meter, Series 151 MFM B     Download
 Ultrasonic Flow Meter Clamp-on Wall mounted, Series 153UCW     Download
 Ultrasonic Flow Meter Clamp-on Portable, Series 153UCH     Download
Field Wireless (GSM/GPRS)   Catalogue
 Machine to Machine Interface [M2M]     Download
Tank Guaging   Catalogue
 Automatic Tank Level Gauge, Series 133     Download
 Smart Tank Data Transmitter, Series 133-35     Download
 Communication Interface Unit, Series 133-350     Download
 Liquid Seal Assembly for Tank Level Gauge, Series 133 - LS     Download
 Two Wire Transmitter & Limit Switch Assembly, Series 133 TS     Download
 Limit Switch Assembly, Series 133 LA     Download
 Average Temperature Sensor,Series 133 TMP     Download
 Magnetosrictive Level Probe 134 TM With Indicator Transmitter 134 H     Download
 Tank Side Indicator / Controller, 139 - 7100     Download
 Servo Gauge, Series 139 M     Download
 Calibration Chamber, Series 139 - CC     Download
 Portable Programming Unit, Series 139 - PPU     Download
Certificate:   Catalogue
 ISO 9001:2008 Certificate     Download
Industry specific:   Catalogue
 Power Plant     Download
 Edible Oil Storage     Download
In-house Calibration facility for Flow Meters
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