Digital Level Probe 134-R Switched Resistance

For the Level & Temperature measurement of underground and aboveground horizontal cylindrical - pressurized or atmospheric - storage tanks containing clear liquids. Digital Level Probe (DLP) consists of non-magnetic pressure-tight SS tube with Titanium / SS float with encased magnet. The float follows the level, which changes the total resistance of the Resistance Array. The change in resistance is sensed by the circuit and is proportional to the level. Built-in temperature sensor measures temperature.
LPG High Level Alarm Switch : Switched Resistance 134 S designed for detection of high level alarms in pressurized tanks

Accessories :
Field Bus Indicator : 134-I
PetroQuant 134-PQT - Remote Monitor / Indicator
Features :
Level probe with resolution as required (5/10/20 mm)
CMRI, PESO approved for hazardous area applications
Optional HART equivalent output
Level & Temperature measurements in one unit
Local & Remote (Pump house as well as control room) indication of Level, Volume in KL, %
Volume, Temperature & Alarm status

Applications :

Underground / above ground storage tanks in
Blending plants
Retail Outlet / Forecourt
LPG Storage / Bottling plants
Auto LPG Dispensing stations
Fuel Oil storage tanks in power plants
Data sheetw:
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In-house Calibration facility for Flow Meters
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