Conductivity Type Level Controller 130 IC / RC
The Conductivity type Level Controllers; Series 130 IC is an Integrated analog Controller and 130 RC is a Remote Controller. The level Switch Electronic Insert (Electronics) for various applications is housed on top of electrode assembly. In case of metallic tanks, a common electrode is not required, only the No. of sensing electrodes required. In case of non-metallic tanks, a common electrode is required in addition to required numbers of sensing electrodes. The device is most suitable for a variety of applications, in non-fuming conductive liquids like water. Water bound solutions as well as corrosive liquids like acids and alkalis etc.
Features :
Compact size due to integral design
Uses field proven level control technique
Wide range of electrodes to suit various applications
No calibration required.
Field set table fail-safe features. Simple to install.
Choice for control action fail safe versions - (Fail Safe High / Fail Safe Low)


Pre-water, Raw water, Water and Waste waster, Effluent & Sewage treatment plants in
Power plants
Municipal water plants
Petrochemical plants
Chemical plants
Water treatment plants

Data sheet:
  Conductivity Type Level Switch-Integral Series 130 IC   Download now
  Conductivity Type Level Switch-Remote Series 130 RC   Download now
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