Communication Interface Unit (CIU) 133-550
A micro-controller based control room instrument for collection and display of tank parameter data measured by up to 64 field transmitters - Automatic Tank Level Gauge (ATLG) + Smart Tank Data Transmitter (STDT), Servo Gauge (SG), Hybrid Servo Gauge (HSG), LPG Servo Gauge (LPGSG). There are 4 field input ports, on each port 16 field devices can be connected in multi dropping mode. The CIU Displays tank no., Level & Temperature thus providing redundant display in control room in the event of TFMS PC failure. It provides data output on RS232C port for Host Communication on MODBUS RTU. Open collector, relay and 4-20 mA current outputs can be provided optionally.

Variations :
Remote Display Unit
Single Tank Indicator
LPG Communication Unit
Accessories :
Relay Panel Assembly
Current Output Panel
MODBUS Adapter Unit
Features :
Real time, on-line, indication of level (mm) & temperature (°C) in one instrument for up to 64 tanks
Other parameter indications and access to SG calibration/ programming/ functions through built-in key pad
Serial printer port for direct printing
Interface with LRC, SCADA, DCS, PLC, etc.

Tank Inventory Management System for bulk storage tanks in Refineries, Marketing Terminals, Petrochemical & Chemical complexes
Fuel Oil storage tanks in power plants
Crude, Refined oil storage tanks in Edible oil plants
LPG, Ammonia, Butadiene & other pressurized storage's
Cryogenic storage tanks
Data sheet:
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In-house Calibration facility for Flow Meters
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