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  Rate of Flow Indicators/Transmitter 104 ROF
The 104 ROF is Rate of Flow indicator for open channel Flow measurement. It consists of, probe mounted on open channel or on side mounted still well & Two wire transmitter unit. It utilizes SBEM’s proven capacitance probes with low power Microprocessor based Electronics to give an excellent low cost solution for low measurement in an open channel with Weirs or flumes. The head rise in the hydraulic device i.e. increase in Level is detected & using a lookup table, converted to Flow rate. Alarms on Flow Rate or Cumulative Flow, 4-20 mA Isolated output or MODBUS on RS485 / 232 are possible using a optional remote Flow indicator Totalizer (96 X 96).
Features :
Low cost solution
Easy calibration.
Maintenance Free.
Level to Flow conversion using a liberalizes with up to 600 points.
Higher accuracy of Flow with multipoint calibration.
Self Diagnostic function i.e. Error Messages on display.
The overall level accuracy is better than ± 2% of probe length.
All entries are protected through password in EEPROM.
Digital LCD display of Flow rate & Level.
Indicator displays Error messages for easy Troubleshooting.
Measurement of flow rate in the Inlet / Outlet of Filter House / Beds, Effluent Treatment Plants, Water Treatment Plants and other similar applications.



Data sheet:
  Rate Of flow Indicator & Transmitter, Series 104 ROF   Download now
In-house Calibration facility for Flow Meters
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