LPG Servo Gauge based Liquid Inventory Management System - LIMS

A volume and mass based, dedicated hardware based (No computer) inventory system for pressurized liquid storage. Measures Level, Interface Level, Spot / Average Temperature, Density and Vapour Pressure. An accurate, reliable and cost effective solution for pressurized storage of LPG, Ammonia, Butadiene, etc. The System uses
LPG Servo Gauge
Tank Side Indicator Controller
Spot / Averaging Temperature Sensor
HART Pressure Transmitter
LPG Communication Interface Unit - which prints the total liquid & va pour volume and mass directly on the 80 column Printer.
Optional SB Tank Inventory management Software for detailed inventory reports.
Features :
Stand - alone system with dedicated hardware and built-in software for all calculations
Inventory calculations includes Liquid as well as Liquid equivalent of Va pour
Instantaneous & on-line display and print on dedicated printer
Suitable for up to 8 Spheres / Bullets
Cost effective solution
LPG Inventory Management System for bulk LPG storage in Spheres / Bullets in Refineries, Storage Terminals, Bottling plants
Ammonia, Butadiene & other pressurized storage in Fertilizer / Petrochemical / Chemical complex
In-house Calibration facility for Flow Meters
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