SBEM Tank Inventory Management Software (SBTIS)

A Windows ® based software package for calculation of inventories at standard temperature by volume or by mass. A menu driven and user friendly navigator provides inventory reports - tank wise, product wise, group wise and in various formats. Data logging, file transfers, networking and interfacing /integrating with supervisory system e.g. DCS, SCADA, LRC, PLC, etc. is possible.

Features :
Windows ® based SCADA platform software
User friendly with pull down and menu driven options
MODBUS output for integration with supervisory systems e.g. LRC, SCADA, DCS, PLC, etc.
 Tank Inventory Management system for
Refinery Tank Farms
Marketing Terminals / Depots
Petrochemical Tank Farms
Chemical Complex
Fertilizer plants
Storage Tank Farms
Power Plants
LPG Storage/Bottling plants
In-house Calibration facility for Flow Meters
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